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Feng Shui for Real Estate
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Presented By: CORE Association of REALTORS®
Product Type: Event; Not for CE
Important Message: No Refunds
Speaker: Deanna Trust
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Understand the popular subject of Feng Shui, often viewed on HG TV particularly related to selling and marketing homes in today's times. Increase your marketing skills through your knowledge of the ancient Chinese art of placement, that relates to the flow of positive life force energy (chi) in our surroundings. Learn to invite, maintain, and grow this valuable life force energy in all real estate environments-and watch your sales potential grow! You'll find this seminar valuable for training in house staging and ethnic diversity awareness. In her seminar, realtors will work with a copy of their home floor plans for study reference and will receive
special Feng Shui gifts.

Topics will include:
•• Exciting Real Estate Feng Shui makeovers
•• Curb appeal and bringing chi to the front door
•• Smart color choices that work with the Laws of Nature
•• The psychology of numbers in today''s market
•• The five red flags related to Real Estate and Feng Shui
•• Putting together an inexpensive Real Estate Feng Shui kit

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