Property Tax & Mortgage Valuation

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Presented By: New Jersey REALTORS®
Product Type: Online Course
Continuing Education Credit:
  • New Jersey Real Estate: 3 Elective Credits (C20200226)

Real estate agents play a large part in providing the client the needed clarity for all aspects of the real estate transaction including those activities that go beyond the closing. This course offers a practical view of the relationship of agents and appraisers along with the uses of property taxes and appraisals in two major sections:

  • Tax - Addresses the uses of property taxes, how they are assessed, and how they can be protested
  • Appraisal - Designed to assist the agent to see how an appraiser assesses property value, how to work with the appraiser, and how to refute or protest an appraisal that does not seem to appropriately fit the property.
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